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Guled's Pipes

Contest: 4K 2007
Java Version: 1.4
Downloads: 428211

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Game Description:

Jump and roll your way along the pipe. Score points for speed and for "picking up" yellow squares. Watch out for those other coloured squares though (and the holes)!


* Left - Accelerate left.
* Right - Accelerate right.
* Up - Accelerate forwards.
* Down - Accelerate backwards.
* Control - Jump.
* Shift - (Held down) - Faster speed available.
* 1 - Start playing.
* Escape - Exit from game.


1.0 - Redesigned Level 5. Slightly revamped Level 4. Added bonus at game completion. Added highlight to ball.

0.94 - Modified Level 3 to use "swing" effect, and to be less boring at the start. Level 4 now complete. Level 5 unchanged.

0.93 - Changed "rolling" sections to work differently. Saved some more space in preparation for finishing up all 5 Levels.

0.92 - Slight changes to Levels 1 & 2. Level 3 now complete. Level 4 still partial. Level 5 still needs redesign (it's far too difficult!). Added Shift key to allow faster movement.

0.91 - Changed levels. Levels 1 & 2 now easier. Minimal levels 3 & 4 added. Level 5 added. Now has trail of yellow squares to try to follow.

0.9 - Initial submission with only 2 levels.

Submitted by: Guled Shire on 2007-01-16

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