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Contest: 4K 2007
Java Version: 1.5
Downloads: 3246

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Game Description:

Scorched Earth in 4k!
I know, I know, there are a bunch of these in this contest, and this particular one was done completely independently of all the others :)

Now, for the game:
The goal of the game is to shoot the opponent (either an AI player or a real opponent using keys 1 or 2). You do this by altering your power and angle (arrow keys) and then pressing space to shoot.
There's also a map editor that can be used before starting the game (mouse buttons 1 and 2).

In other words, controls are:
1,2 - choose number of user-controlled players
Arrows - alter power and angle
Space - fire
R - generate a random terrain / restart game
Mouse 1 & 2 - heighten and lower terrain before game start

Please note that this game was called Scorch4k at an early stage, and that any similarities to the other Scorch games this year are purely coincidental. Because of this, the name is now officially, and entirely at random, Scorch14_4k :)

Submitted by: Morre on 2007-02-27

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