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Xero - The Last Hope for Mankind

Contest: 4K 2006
Java Version: 1.4
Downloads: 7349

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Game Description:

Aliens are attacking Earth's solar system, destroying everything in their path! Hop in your Xero fighter and blast your way through increasingly difficult waves of alien attack. Are you good enough to take on the mothership, or will you fall like so many before you?

Want to prove you're good enough to defeat the mothership? Visit the homepage to learn about how you can join the Xero High Score Club.

This game features smooth animations, fast gameplay, brilliant graphics, cool special-effects, and some of the most challenging gameplay ever seen in the Java 4K contest.

Xero can be executed by double clicking on the downloadable JAR file or running the Java Webstart JNLP.

Submitted by: Jerason Banes on 2006-01-25

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