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SubPar is an entry to the 2007 java 4k game competition.


It is 2063 and man kind has reached Alpha Centuari however instead of finding a rich new solar system to study and exploit, the system was not as empty as was previously believed.

Probably the most improbable of events, the same time that the "Jhonus" probe reached the system an alien probe like wise was mapping the system. This monuments event in history was also the most disastrous as the Jhonus probe mistook the alien probe as an ore-rich asteroid and promptly fired its mining lasers and destroyed the alien probe.

This must have been taken as an act of aggression on the from the perspective of the alien probe's race as since that date there have been alien raids into our solar system almost as deep as the orbit of the Earth.

Mankind's defense forces had been systematically downsized after Mars, last of the rogue planets, joined the Sol Treaty. The Defense forces were severely out numbered and out classed in the initial attacks on Io and Europa but were able to repulse the invaders and limp back to dock.

There are now projects being brought into place to manufacture the weapons of war to the scale necessary, however these weapons will not be ready for the next four months.

To help safeguard human settlements during this critical time in the outer solar system the United government has introduced a policy of hiring mercenaries.

You are one such mercenary and it is your goal to kill as many of these alien invaders as possible to protect humanity... and of course the bounty on each kill helps!


> Survive thirty five, 30 second waves of alien attackers.

> Collect power ups to regain ship health and increase your fire power.

> Return home to a hero's welcome and a king's ransom!


Use the arrow keys to manoeuvre your fighter and the Space Bar to fire your weapons.

By collecting power ups you will gain more powerful weapons, be warned however, if you are struck by enemy fire it is likely one of your upgraded weapons will be stripped from you and your upgrade cycle takes a step backward. Power ups will appear every 10 kills initially but you will require more kills to receive power ups as the game progresses.

The Power Up will be able to give you one of the following:

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> Regain health. Gives you a ship health bonus.

> Plasma gun. The single most powerful weapon available, each plasma blast is going to do damage!

> Buck Shot. Fires multiple weak energy rings. This energy ring technology was derived from damaged alien craft. While weak by themselves, in numbers they can do significant damage. More powerful Buck Shot versions have extra shots as well as weapon upgrades.

> Laser Beam. The laser beam has been the main stay of space weaponry for 30 years. This version is powerful enough to be able to penetrate weaker alien craft and continue on the other side.

*NOTE* You can only have a maximum of five guns on your fighter. When you reach this limit, the power up will replace existing guns with more powerful different versions of the guns.


The basic alien craft are as follows:

Nickname: Bull. Attacks in a charge with no deviation in direction, Has heavy shielding. Only a real threat in numbers.

Nickname: Rota. Speeds in and slows to a stop then rotates shooting periodically. Has relatively light shielding. Is quite a threat as it may hang around for a while.


Nickname: Mad Cow. Similar to the Bull, it charges in, however it is unpredictable and may randomly change direction. It is not as shielded as the Bull but is unpredictiveness makes it a more of a challenge. It seems that the aliens have attempted to replicate your FJX-189 Fighter but obviously they failed with the guidance system.


Nickname: Tipsy. Its name is apt as it seems to be quite drunk and will weave back and forth along a line. It is reasonably shielded. One could dismiss this craft as a threat however its weaving behaviour can make it difficult to attack and avoid.

Nickname: Heat Seeker. The most intelligent of the bunch, it will actively steer toward your ship to better aim its weapon or even deliberately crash into you. It has only week shielding however its seeking ability makes it the most dangerous of all the alien attack craft!

These basic alien craft are upgraded in strength, agility and speed as well as fire power and rate every seven waves.

Good Luck and have fun!


Made by Nicholas Klaebe 2007