Java 4K 2006 - Results

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Java Rally Racer 4k

by Nicholas Klaebe
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What the judges said:
  • borkert (+96): Nice controls, good AI, nice game.

  • kingaschi (+92): Great graphics! Cool game. However, not very captivating.

  • tim (+90): Good game!

  • peggy (+90): Pretty good graphics

  • shelton (+75): cool, but turning is too obtuse

  • nonnus29 (+72): AI and lots of levels and nice cars, good effort

  • Malohkan (+70): I really enjoy the difficulty of racing against an opponent, but the game seems to have some flaws. Sometimes I'll cut a corner and feel like I should be allowed to when the game does not agree. Even if I've just barely cut the sharp point of a corner I find that I lose the game because of it. Aside from that, missing a checkpoint or getting knocked into the grass seems like an immediate loss because I can never find a way to slow down and turn back to the track.

Score: 83.5714

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